16 novembre 2006

"You're Pitiful" LOSER !

WEIRD AL JANKOVIC est connu pour ses parodies des chansons à la mode, la plus connue restant sa parodie du BAD de Michael Jackson qui devenait sous sa plume affutée, FAT ! Aujourd'hui, il s'attaque au parfois énervant James Blunt et son fameux "You're Beautiful". Cet ode à l'amour devient alors une ode au loser qui vit chez sa mère à 42 ans, qui n'est jamais sorti avec une fille, qui se déguise en membre d'équipage de Star Trek, qui mange des chips en jouant à Halo 2... Bref, à mourir de rire...

My life is brilliant...
What, was I too early? Oh, sorry. Should I...Do you wanna start over? Or, keep going? Okay, now? Now?
My life is brilliant / Your life's a joke / You're just pathetic / You're always broke / Your homemade Star Trek uniform really ain't impressin' me / You're sufferin' from delusions of Adequicy
You're Pitiful (X3) It's true
Never had a date / That ya couldn't inflate / And ya smell repulsive too / What a bummer bein' you / Well ya just can't dance / And forget romance / Everybody you know still calls ya Farty Pants / But you always have a job well I mean As long as you still can work that slurpie machine
You're Pitiful (X3) It's true
You're half undressed / Eatin' chips of your chest / While you're playin' Halo 2 / No one's classier than you / Lalala la Lalala la Lalala la / Loser
You're Pitiful (X3) It's true
Your dog would much rather Play fetch by itself / You still live with your Mom and you're 42 / Guess you'll never grow a clue / When it just sucks to be you

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