08 janvier 2008

Que deviennent les coeurs brisés ?

C'est fou à quel point une simple chanson soul peut refléter tant d'émotions bien réelles... Qu'est ce que j'aime cette chanson !

As I walk this land with broken dreams / I have visions of many things / Love's happiness is just an illusion / Filled with sadness and confusion,

What becomes of the broken hearted / Who had love that's now departed? / I know I've got to find / Some kind of peace of mind / Maybe.

The fruits of love grow all around / But for me they come a tumblin' down. / Every day heartaches grow a little stronger / I can't stand this pain much longer / I walk in shadows / Searching for light / Cold and alone / No comfort in sight / Hoping and praying for someone to care / Always moving and goin to where


I'm searching though I don't succeed, / But someone look, there's a growing need. / Oh, he is lost, there's no place for beginning, / All that's left is an unhappy ending.

I'll be searching everywhere / Just to find someone to care. / I'll be looking everyday / I know I'm gonna find a way / Nothings gonna stop me now / I'll find a way somehow / I'll be searching everywhere

1 commentaire:

  1. Les paroles sonnent avec une rare justesse et touchent le coeur. Merci pour la découverte je ne connaissais pas.